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Permissions Further information

For all permissions, please email

Please include the following with your permission request:

  • Title of work from which you seek permission to quote
  • Number of words in extract (for prose material)
  • Number of lines (for poetry)
  • Please provide the title, author and publisher of the book in which you would like the extract to appear, planned retail price, estimated print run, format and planned publication date.
  • Please specifically confirm whether you require print rights, audio rights, e-book rights or some combination. Please also confirm the name of the author/editor.

If you require permission to reproduce material in any other format (e.g. on a website or in a magazine), please provide information about your planned printing, your online traffic numbers and for how long the material will be available.  

10 Roland Gardens, London SW7 3PH
020 7373 0456


10 Roland Gardens, London SW7 3PH
020 7373 0456